Sharif Mohamed Abdula Hussein “Aspirant for Speaker of the House of People Federal Republic of Somalia”

Biography :-Mr. Sharif Mohamed first entered Parliament in 2000, and was re-elected in 2012, 2016, and 2022. He is a veteran Member of Parliament (MP) who served under the Somali Transitional National Parliament from 2000 to 2003 following the Arte agreement of 2000. During his tenure as an MP he diligently served as member of the Parliamentary Social Committee in all the parliamentary houses during his term.

Prior to entering politics, Mr. Sharif accumulated decades of experience in governance and humanitarian affairs in Somalia as part of his contribution to the nation’s rebuilding efforts. He worked for Mogadishu Municipality for about 17 years from 1973 to 1990 in various capacities starting first as a senior clerk rising to the ranks of a director at the Mayor’s Office. He also contributed to the country’s humanitarian needs having served as the Country Representative for the United Arab Emirates Red Crescent, a position he served for over two decades. He has established a number of civil society organizations and is a board member to various Somali institutions including schools and hospitals.

Mr. Sharif Mohamed brings on board his extensive experience in parliamentary proceedings, legal and legislative expertise. He has demonstrated leadership on issues pertaining to democracy, governance, and conflict management. As the Speaker of the House of People, Mr. Sharif will ensure that he maintains impartially, order, and defend the rights and privileges of other MPs, including the right to freedom of speech. He will strive to ensure that Somalia’s provisional constitution undergoes the constitution review process and through support from others, the constitution will be finalized during his tenure. Mr. Sharif is committed in protecting human rights and ensuring inclusivity of all people including women, people living with disability and youth. Through exercising his oversight mandate, he will ensure that the executive branch of government is kept on check on various issues

Mr. Sharif was born in November 8, 1954 in Baidoa town, Somalia. He is a graduate of the Somali National University and has received extensive trainings abroad in Germany, Sweden, Netherlands, Turkey and Morocco. He is a multilingual speaker who speaks Somali, English and Arabic. He has been exposed to the international arena having participated in various international conferences in Pakistan, Romania, Egypt, Kuwait, Turkey, Italy, Morocco, Iraq and the UAE.

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