Minster Warfa meets Favori LLC and aggrieved workers for a resolution

Minister for Labour and Social Affairs, H.E Sadik Warfa has today chaired a crucial labour grievances meeting between Favori LLC and aviation workers  at the Aden Abdulle International Airport.

The meeting agenda was to find a lasting solution on the ongoing strike by aviation workers who were on strike since yesterday claiming Favori LLC of mistreatment into their social welfare. The workers also raised issues of halting of salary of almost four months thus causing economic implications as a result of COVID-19.

The meeting which was also attended by Minister of Women and Human Rights H.E Deeqo Yassin and Deputy Minister of Transport and Aviation H.E Hirsi Adan Roble ,brought together unions from FESTU, workers,and senior management working for Favori LLC to come up with urgent solution that will address a win-win scenario and not causing harm to the smooth operations of the airport.

At the end of the meeting, Minister Warfa ordered workers to return to work immediately and informed the aggrieved parties of a follow up meeting within one week time.

The follow up meeting will be an opportunity for the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs to share the Labour code that is already prepared and in line with the International Labour Conventions for both parties as it seeks to permanently solve this emerging labour disputes.

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