Resumption of Miraa (Khat) exports into Somalia

Somalia Government’s do’s and don’ts for their citizenry that trades and consumes Miraa for the Miraa crop exports from Kenya to resume are majorly what we, the Miraa farming, trading and consuming fraternity in Kenya have gotten accustomed to as we manage the coronavirus disease spread as we were guided by the MoH Kenya.
The conditions include

-Miraa tax will be Usd3.5 per Kg

Points of business of khat
1.People selling khat on the streets should stay 2m away from each other
2.They should wear protective garments such as face masks and gloves
3.Sanitisers should be available
4.Offloaders and transporters should wear face masks
5.Buyers of khat should queue in a line 2m apart from each other
6.Khat joints are prohibited

The said protocols are now awaiting the nod of the MoH Somalia and indications are that by Saturday 8th August 2020 the announcement of the lifting of the restriction on flights transporting Miraa from entering the Somalia airspace should have been lifted.
We are talking to our trading counterparts and they are ready to adhere to the guidelines.
Even the increased tax, we are saying we can have talks about it after the business has resumed.

We had presented the urgent need for Miraa exports resumption to our GoK through the Office of CS Matiangi to take up our request and so far we are told the progress is good.
We decry the reality that GoK is acting in reaction to the Somalia Govt having opened her airspace to all other cargo flights except Miraa. We desired a more proactive approach to it that would have guaranteed us resumption of business with every one else which would have saved us face as we seek markets for our Miraa elsewhere.
These are key areas we sincerely wish our GoK improves on.

SOURCE: Nyambene Miraa Trade Association – NYAMITA

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