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Qatar Charity (QC) has said its office in Somalia has opened a model primary school in the town of Hudur, located in the southwestern Bakool region of Somalia near the border with Ethiopia.
It aims to benefit around 350 students, both male and female, during the next academic year.

The school consists of eight classrooms equipped with tables and desks for study, a manager’s office, a teacher’s room and two toilets.The opening of the school came as part of QC’s “interest in education to improve the personal and professional lives of the Somali people”, it said in a statement.

Director of the QC office in Somalia, Abdel Nour Mirsal, said education is a strategic direction for Qatar Charity and the most important justification for its intervention in Somalia, as good education can fight poverty and eradicate illiteracy.

The deputy education officer of the South West State of Somalia, Mohamed Abdullah Sharif; educational affairs officer of the town of Hudur, Abdul Qader Nour; and an elite group of people from the city participated in the opening ceremony. They praised the role of QC in Somalia and its charitable and development projects, which resulted in the establishment of the school.

According to QC, this educational project was the “first of its kind” in the town of Hudur, where people did not receive educational services and there were almost no places to study due to its location on the outskirts of capital Mogadishu, which made it harder to reach than others.

Qatar Charity has signed a co-operation agreement with the UNHCR to reintegrate Somali returnees and displaced persons, which will help remove the obstacles and constraints that prevent children and young people from getting primary and secondary education, the statement noted.

The project, proposed under the agreement, will rehabilitate existing or newly-established schools or build new schools in the targeted areas of return. The scope of work will include, but is not limited to, the construction or rehabilitation of classrooms, in addition to the construction or rehabilitation of sports facilities.

In a related context, the UNHCR, in co-operation with QC, will build six schools with 24 classrooms along with a fully equipped educational area at a cost of $1,683,100.

Earlier, the QC’s office in Somalia rehabilitated thousands of flood and cyclone victims in the Middle Shabelle Region and managed to rehabilitate three schools, equipped with study tools, materials and aid through its early recovery programmes, the statement added.

Since its establishment until the end of last year, the office has implemented 465 educational projects, benefiting more than 190,000 students.

Source:- Gulf Times

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