Cagjar and Shide Exhilarate Amhara and Fizzle out Somalis!

The Somali region has been bemoaning decades and decades for marginalization, ransacking, oppression, meddling from the Ethiopian federal government. Ethiopia tends and insists to abnegate to bequeath Somalis their full rights, whether it’s politically, socially and economically. This demeaning augmented and overwhelmed after Oromo takes the office. Incumbent Abiy continues his truculent behavior against the gullible Somali community in Ethiopia. Meanwhile, this haywire and nemesis policy against Somalis becomes ineluctable and inexorable after, Abiy’s administration cooptated Cagjar as Acting/Deputy president of the region. Because, Cagjar and his paralyzed government acted so meek and so mild when it comes to defending the Somali region’s rights, and they became obsequious and docile.

On the other hand, Cagjar ignores and downplays to listen his people, while he obeys the guidelines from the other communities, especially Oromo and Amhara ethnic groups. This abomination policy propels the Somali region into defusing and wreaks havoc. Sad.

 Ahmed Shide: the broker between the federal and the region!

Federal minister of finance and the chairman of the Somali region’s parliament becomes the one and the only broker for the Somali region. He, first make him lame-duck Cagjar, and then gives him a titular position in the region. In this regard, Shide becomes the real representative of the Somali region as longest he is close friend of Abiy. But the disaster and the woe are, Shide misrepresents the region, and he is focused and concentrated on only his own self-interest.

Cagjar and Shide: Political nemesis amongst them

These two failed politicians, after they deluded the region, and despised their own people, they embarked demonizing and rebuking each other’s. after weeks of insulting and twaddling each other’s childishly, their big brother Abiy invited them in Addis-Ababa, and mediated them. Since then, they collaterally started to mislead the Somali region and obey other communities, notably, Oromo and Amhara ethnic groups.

Both of themattended an event orchestrated by Amhara group, which was aimed at to collect contributions and cater for, Amhara ethnic who displaced from Oromia Kilal. As, the acting president Cagjar posted on his Facebook account, he says “We offered the displaced Amhara from Oromia Kilal 10 million birr” Knowingly, that, there are tremendous innocent Somali people who were displaced from their residential areas for sack of the Oromo and Amhara cruelty, including MOYAL, JILICSANEY, BABILI, TULI-GUULEED and other areas. Sad and ordeal!

Cagjar, Shide and their cabinet of ministers tended and behaved feckless, deadbeat and reckless, and this intrusive action is vile and reprehensible.

The Somali region needs responsible leaders who care and handle the compliant of their indigenous people. The region doesn’t want leaders who tend cannibalism, patronage crony and godfathers. When it comes Somalis and other communities in Ethiopia, especially Oromo/Amhara and Somalis,we need leaders who handle the whole frenetic situation among the communities with a nonchalant attitude. As already says Martin Luther King Jr “we need to live together as brothers, or perish together as fools”

Anwar Abdifatah Bashir (Freelance Journalist/Political Analyst and Independent Researcher)


Xafiiska Shabakada

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