An open letter to President Biden: Urgent Appeal for U.S. Intervention Regarding Ethiopia’s Violations

President Mr. Joe Biden
The President of the United States of America
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW
Washington, DC 2050
January 6, 2024

Subject: Urgent Appeal for U.S. Intervention Regarding Ethiopia’s Violations

Dear President Joe Biden,

We, the Somali-American citizens residing in the United States for over 25 years, unite with a common purpose to advocate for the strengthening of democratic institutions in Somalia. We express our gratitude for the ongoing support of the United States government in assisting Somalia’s state-building efforts and combatting terrorist organizations such as Al Shabab. As we anticipate a democratic Somalia becoming a steadfast ally to the United States in global matters, we are compelled to bring to your attention a concerning development involving Ethiopia.

While Somalia makes progress in overcoming the challenges posed by jihadist elements, Ethiopia’s actions pose a new threat that jeopardizes the gains made against Islamic terrorists. The current Ethiopian regime, under the leadership of Nobel Prize Winner Mr. Abiy Ahmed, is causing internal strife by fostering infighting among ethnic groups, undermining its own people’s unity. This poses a significant risk to Somalia’s nascent democracy as Ethiopia evolves into a potentially dangerous neighbor.

Mr. Abiy Ahmed’s pursuit of using Somalia as a solution to Ethiopia’s internal political crisis is alarming. By positioning himself as a hero connecting landlocked Ethiopia to the Red Sea through Northern Somalia, he is attempting to secure a gateway to the Somali Coastal Sea. His promises to recognize the independence of the secessionist region of Somaliland in exchange for control of the Red Sea coastal area not only violate treaties negotiated by the Italian Government in 1983 but also disregard international norms and agreements.

The Ethiopian government’s actions, including violating agreements with Somalia and disregarding international laws upheld by organizations like the UN, AU, and IGAD, are deeply troubling. We suspect the influence of foreign actors, particularly since Ethiopia joined the BRICS, in exacerbating the situation. As Ethiopia undermines the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Somalia, we fear dynamic foreign interventions in the Horn of Africa.

In light of these developments, we respectfully request the United States government to adhere to its principles of respecting the values of nations coexisting in peace, security, and stability. We urge you to consider imposing sanctions on Ethiopia until it complies with its international obligations and contributes to the region’s security.

Thank you for your attention to this matter, and we look forward to the United States playing a pivotal role in ensuring peace and stability in the Horn of Africa.


Dr. Said Mohamud Chair of the Somali People’s Party Email: Phone: (207) 437 – 8656.


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