Why Are The Qataris Trying To Control The Coast Of Somalia?

It is no secret that Qatar is trying to increase its influence around its neighboring region and one of its targets is Somalia. In fact, it seems that what happened in Sudan is likely to occur in Somalia as well. In Sudan, Turkey had taken control of Suakin Island. Now, Qatar is trying to gain control of the Somali coasts.

To achieve this, Qatar has turned to terrorist organizations. Through terrorism, it is looking to weaken the Somali government and society. Once Somalia becomes weak, it will become easier for Qatar to gain control over its institutions and finally the Somali coast that borders the Red Sea.

The main target of Qatar now seems to the port city of Mogadishu. Qatar may seize the port and transform it into a military base and port while in the guise of developing and investing in the port.

There are certainly concerns about this greed of Qatar in Somalia. In fact, these concerns have escalated in the political and even social spheres when the President of Somalia went for a visit to Qatar recently. This visit raised several questions. Observers have stated that deals were made during the meeting. Apparently, Qatar is trying to promote those deals as being beneficial to the economic development of Somalia. However, there may be deeper reasons for the same.

Many Somalis are actually afraid that Qatar will transform their country into another Afghanistan due to the difficult living conditions that exist in Somalia. Qatar, Iran and Turkey all have a common ambition in Somalia, extending to Yemen. They are the ones pouring in the funding and assistance that the terrorist organizations require in Somalia.

The ambitions of Qatar regarding the Somali coast serve as a confirmation of the news that there is a plot by Turkey, Iran and Qatar to create a terrorist organization in Somalia. It is likely that this terrorist organization is following in the footsteps of the Lebanese Hezbollah. The main goal of such a terrorist group would be to undertake subversive operations in Somalia.

There are many people in Somalia who believe that it is not possible to trust Qatar. After all, that nation has been involved in several security and political events over the last few years, not only in Africa but also the Middle East. Of course, there are also official accusations against Qatar for its role in supporting extremism and terrorism.


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