President Farmajo abnegates his US citizenship in order to dodge becoming puppet ruler, and that is the breakthrough!

As colossal of the Somali ordinary people believe that, the incumbent president Farmajo is one of the flawless presidents in Somalia, especially the last panic three decades. Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo had gained the highest Teflon among the Somali people in 2011, when he was the prime minister just for six months, he did commendable, exemplary and plausible issues. First, he maintained and insisted paying the troop’s salaries via biometric system. Also, he engaged the community in order to listen their ideas, bemoans and consider their contributions. Additionally, he uplifted the moral of the people as he replenished the Somali’s superiority in the region. When Farmajo has received much kudos and tremendous welcoming emanating from the Somali people, instantly the neighboring countries started meddling Somalia’s internal affairs. Because, the neighboring countries, especially the so-called Kenya, Ethiopia and Uganda were eschewing Somalia’s recuperating their past misery and recouping their influence in the region, and recovering from long-simmering conflict, soul-destroying civil war, distrust and vendetta among the Somali community closely three decades. The foreign meddling belatedly led to impress catalyst and pioneer Prime Minister Farmajo to resign under the guise of political stability within the Legislative and the Executive branches of the Transitional Federal Government (TFG) led by President Sheekh Sharif. After Farmajo unseated, forthwith enormous of Somali people fizzled out and languished. Because, the ordinary Somali people were supporting him, and this appalling and dumfounded action created a much apoplectic emanated from the public. I am not talking about the (Motley Crew) who have political ambition. And there daring with the incumbent Farmajo historically and contemporary is just politically motivated, as far as (Politically has no Morality)

The other side of the coin, plenty of Somali’s talking heads including me was anticipating, why president Farmajo didn’t yet abnegate his US second citizenship as longest he is currently a president? Because, when somebody becomes a president or prime minister, he doesn’t need to keep his second citizenship whether it is European passport or other countries. Because, his diplomatic passport swallows. So, the long-awaited temerity and the intrepid decision that our president Farmajo has taken today Thursday 01/07/2019 via his official social media platform which he nullifies his second US citizenship is utterly and completely unprecedented and superb. I unequivocally express this temerity pioneering the future of the Somali people. Furthermore, I encourage, embolden and stimulate the other politicians who have political ambition of leading the country, they must first deny their dual citizenship in order to make sure that, they are staunch citizens who want to lead the country while avoiding conflict of loyalty.

Diasporas (Laptop Returnees)

When the civil strife erupts in Somalia in 1991, especially Mogadishu, colossal of the Somali people fled the country and have gone to the abroad including North America, Europe, Asia, and Africa. They keep sending moneys for their families who remained the country. They did exemplary and phenomenal job. But, on the other hand, since Mbegathi government in 2004 led by Abdullahi Yusuf, plenty of Somali Diasporas were returning the country inch by inch. First, they bestrode the political environment, especially the top positions including the president, the Executive, MPs, Senators and consultants. After this dominance, they started instantly to attract their friends in the abroad and stimulate their positions. This new phenomenon deters the local people to get space in the political arena. And this current government led by Farmajo-Kheyre gave the lion’s share to the Diaspora as longest they, themselves are that category.

So, the local people are susceptible to the Diaspora. For instance, several times ministries from Diaspora utter that, the local educated ones aren’t capable to hold the top positions. These narcissistic and childish words instigated the local people who have tolerated and remained the country when those Diaspora fled the country. At the same period, they have been educated locally. Knowing that, education is an education whether you acquire abroad or local. And this technology age, there is possibility that, the person can attend a class with people who live in the developed countries for the sake of the technology and the global village as well.

The other side of the coin, when it comes the lead of the country, the local people is the suitable ones than the Diaspora. Because, they aware of deeply the local context and the situation on the ground. But, Diaspora tended applying and imposing the country templates deported from another country which doesn’t has the same situation that we do.

The other frivolous story from the Diaspora is, they come the country just for looking for opportunities, so when they get the job, they collect the money and when they lose, they go back instantly. They are just opportunity seekers, not resilient people who are dedicated and demonstrate sacrifice for the sake of the country.

According to the private sector, the Diasporas are totally vanished. Because, private sector is competitive and focuses on someone who is familiar with the situation on the ground, and at the same time, who is dedicated and committed to the job. So, if we juxtapose to this issue, and how the Diasporas tended, the difference is conspicuous, blatant and ample. Additionally, the hallmark, dichotomy and the discrepancy among the Diaspora and the local people is huge and self-explanatory. Diasporas want to get a white shirt job with high payment. Additionally, they want to go back their citizenship country and come back routinely. So, this back and forth is not suitable to the private sector. Furthermore, Diasporas are not happy with the private sector’s payment. Alternatively, Diasporas prefer to take consultants and other easy jobs from the public sector where also they can get highly paid and at the same time some leeway.

So, as our president Farmajo announced famously and courageously that, he negated his dual citizenship, we desperately wait and see that, other politicians who are holding currently public positions or expecting to hold to divorce their dual citizenship. Especially pompous prime minister and his cabinets, the MPs, Upper-House and other top positions. Because, this fabulous and outstanding of avoiding dual citizenship elucidates how the person is loyal and ready to serve his/her country devoid of foreign intervention.


Anwar Abdifatah Bashir (Freelance Journalist/Horn of Africa Geopolitics Analyst and Independent Researcher)


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