Police Spokesperson: “The attack was used in a detonated Bajaj”.

The Somali Police spokesperson, Sadiq Doodishe told that the last night attack aimed at the popular busy restaurant was used in detonated three wheel car called Bajaaj.
Speaking to the press, the spokesperson confirmed that at least 10 were killed in the attack and 30 injured who are hospitalised.
Its the second attack targeted at the restaurant since August 2020 but last night attack left the heaviest casualties with the deal toll believed to be 20, according to sources.
The restaurant lies on the Mogadishu Port Main Street and frequently used by the security officials and civil servants.
Al Shabab claimed the target was high government officials, in statement they released.
Its not something new that moto Bajaj filled with explosive devices used in an attack and it shows clearly how al-Shabab can switch tactics to reach their goals.
Allbanaadir News Network
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