COVID-19 made a pandemic war to the whole World..

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COVID-19 made a pandemic war to the whole world and it’s the first time a virus made the 3rd World War wide without neither the attacker nor the defender had allied forces against each other.

This war with Invisibles aims its foremost devastation to the archaic pillars of human life-sustaining systems. It took humans thousands of years to make incremental changes and improving structures of social, political, and economic systems.

After this global war, many countries will have a very deep great impact on social, economic, and political fallouts. War on terror completely made many Middle-Eastern countries overturned down to their heads and it’s yet difficult to overcome in a foreseeable near future. COVID-19 is the greatest human threat in the recent history of humankind.

Destruction of so many lives and destabilization of socio-economic and political organs of many under-developing societies will undergo unrecoverable, drastic losses. For developed societies, the devastation is mainly limited to economic and political impacts and changes drastically the attitude relations with other foreign countries.

Their homeland recovery will be their first priority than helping others or allying with others against the invisible attackers. Whence the shocking fear of COVID-19 is felt badly, it’s unsure for many when it will strike again with a new different face of genetic mutation.

European Union fails short to help Italy when it was struggling the most with COVID-19.

That is a great impermeable proof of the weakness of the imperfect, great continental unions. COVID-19’s destruction may continue for six months for developed countries and over nine months for under-developed countries with no guarantee of recurring again in new cycles. Now humans need more to invest in science than in technology and reconsider seriously about changes in the environment that cause genetic mutations.

Dr. Said Mohamud (Sacim)

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