Somalia’s first all-women media team puts women journalists in control of the news agenda

WHAT: Launch of “Bilan”, Somalia’s first-ever all-women media unit, where women journalists can work with no harassment and are free to choose what stories they cover and how.

Bilan’s six women journalists will report hard news and in-depth features, showcasing the talents of women journalists and bringing new subjects to TV, radio and online media. They will also be supported by a team of mentors and trainers, including some of the biggest names in Somali and international media.

WHEN: 11th April 2022

WHERE: Mogadishu, Somalia

WHO: From Bilan’s motorbike-riding, football playing chief editor, Nasrin, to Bilan’s youngest member, Shukri, who’s leaving her home in Baidoa for the first time to take up a job as a journalist in Mogadishu, the six women who make up Bilan come from across Somalia and a wide range of backgrounds.

WHY: Women journalists are harassed not just on the streets but even inside their own offices. They are often denied training opportunities and promotions and shut out of decision making. News coverage reflects this, with a lack of programming on issues that are seen as primarily affecting women, including childcare, domestic abuse and equal political representation.

HOW: Bilan is supported by the UN Development Programme (UNDP) and hosted by Dalsan Media Group, one of Somalia’s most respected media houses.

For more information and to arrange interviews:

Robert Few, Head of Communications, UNDP Somalia: +252 61 41 25 046

Ilyas Ahmed, Communications Analyst, UNDP Somalia: + 252 61 92 88 867

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