Reconciliation agreement between Abdalla Arone and Celi Omar

Office of the President of Hirshabelle state, under Reconciliation for its engagements with social reconciliation throughout the two regions that the state is composed of and in line with national/state Stabilization Strategy Plans as one the four thematic prioritized areas of the stabilization and on the significant community level social reconciliation been of a high priority for the HSS State Government.

Although, the collective efforts by the key relevant stakeholders [national/international] have been made recently a notable progress for social reconciliations at community level, but there is still a huge need for social reconciliation among the Hirshabelle State communities and inter-clan conflicts over scarce of local recourse is a major factor that is brought animosity and hostile among the communities, as well as contributes violence and open conflicts.

As the conflict always part of the social life but managing it with peacefully through dialogue means is something that very important to highly give consideration by the parties to avoid its negative consequences. Traditionally, in Somalia the neighboring clans competed, often violently, over scarce environmental resources and particularly land and water for either livestock grazing or agricultural cultivation that became a worst phenomenon in recent decades. However, a customary code of conduct, known as Xeer was developed to settle disputes and guard the peace”.

 The workshop of peace agreement is unurgent matter and a particular concern for the recent inter-clan conflict emerged out from the two respective clans of (Abdulla arone and Celi Omar ) at alongside the road between Adale and Jowhar on their disputes over land and farm which have led to loss of lives of human individuals from the both communities, damaged of properties and also looting, as the conflict was dormant and also is a recurrent one and took place several times in Middle Shabelle region.

Conflict Analysis

  • After long term conflict between and deadly fighting between Celi Omar and Abdalla shared border between Warskheik and Adale is being going on for the last years, also I was reported during the fighting that one family has lost their live after one clan milia surrounded the family near the border between Warskhieh and Adale, not only also family lost their live including teachers of Qura’an Madara has been massacred two of them of the teacher where brothers, during the conflict it has been recorded burning of villages from both clan has recorded, including farmers.
  • Also, during the conflict it has stopped the movement of the business from Mogadishu to the coastal area has stacked which also created crises, since that office of the president has nominated a committee for ceasefire, and processing reconciliation and peace agreement talks.
  • The president of Hirshabelle H.E Ali Gudlawe had frequent meetings with traditional elders and civil society groups across all areas visited to iron out concerns they raised with especial focus of Reconciliation of political and clan related issues. An overview of the future of Hirshabelle was always the first discussion point with most of the groups the President and his delegation met to make their role clear and understand stages of the process and to continue peace talks discussions.


  • On 12 November,2021 reconciliation workshop has launched in Jowhar this reconciliation meeting was between Celi Omar and Abdalla Arone clan from Middle Shabelle region under Hirshabelle Administration.
  • The workshop has opened Adale District commissioner and Warkshiekh district commissioner from Celi Omar and Abdalla Adrone, the district of Warshkeh said during the opening of reconciliation meeting “it’s great pleasure for me to be witness the big reconciliation meeting between two brothers clan those got fight area of Adale and Warsheikh those cause deadly and loss of property as well as displacement from the both clans, but now I hope displace should return after concluding of this reconciliation meeting between the two brothers clans, ”


  • Also adale District commission Mr Mohamed Also spoke the opening of reconciliation meeting by saying “I am thanks Allah, and Office the president of Hirshabelle and UNDP those enabled us to together her for processing peace agreement and reconciling two bothers those conflicted for the last months in Adale and warsheikh, I hope this meeting will be fruitfully meeting and will be signed the peace agreement, I am also calling the milia having the guns to put the guns and to take part the efforts of reconciliation process which is going in Hirshabelle


During the meeting elders from both clans has discussed several root causes of the conflict and way forward, the advisers from office the president noted down the key points of the reconciliation and peace agreement between the brothers’ conflicts.

The participants of the reconcliaton meeting where from both clans including women groups, youth groups, peace elders, milia leaders and Ugases from each clan.

We have also invited the reconciliation meeting Hirshabelle Civil society organizations as to speak the conflict issues and also encouraged both clan to reach an agreement, during peace talks we have successfully stated the president of Hirshabelle spoke the both clans in the meeting by reassuring them to have agreed peace agreements as to get peace and security in the area, also the president mentioned if peace agreement signed the next plan will be bring all milia to recruit as Hirshabelle Darawish forces to ensure state building process.

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