Somalia and Qatar renew three decade old MoU to give Somalis opportunities in Qatar market

 Officials from Somalia and Qatar have met in Doha to discuss on three decade old MoU to Somali national in the Gulf country.
The MoU was agreed to be renewed after Somali minister for Labour and Social Affairs, Sadiq Hirsi Warfa met with Qatar counterpart, Mohamed Bin Yusuf Al-Uthman Fakhruu in Doha following official visit in September.
The Ministries of Labor of the two countries have appointed a committee of six members tasked to review.
The department of Arab relation of Somalia’s Ministry of Labour and Social Affair and the International Labor Relations Office of Qatar will be in charge of enforcing this agreement.
The committee was directed to reinforce memorandum of Understanding inked by Qatari and Somali governments in 1983.
According to the renewed MoU, Somali nationals will be part of the staff intended to be recruited for the next World Cup in Qatar in 2022.
The government of Qatar emphasized its commitment to allow Somali workers in the country’s market.
The countries agreed to create a complete database of Somali workers.
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