Political volatility in Ethiopia

The second most populous country in Africa is exacerbating its political landscape, since Abiy takes the lead April last year. The youngest Africa leader pledges in his first days in the office that he propels the country in to the democratic way; unravel the freedom of speech, create flat justice, and he empowers the private sector. But what has happened since then? Regrettably, the promises have become a blowback. Abiy violates the Ethiopian constitution and human rights principles, because, he meddles in the internal affairs of the Somali region regularly, also he creates hostility among the Ethiopian communities. Additionally, he allows Oromo ethnic to kill and abuse the other communities in Ethiopia as long as Abiy belongs to their tribe. Far and wide, Ethiopia has tended dictatorship rule for a long time, and it’s not easy to depart from dictatorship to democratic rule. It needs to confront delicately, not vehemently as Abiy does. Because, there is grudge among the different ethnicities in Ethiopia, especially Tigray, Amhara and Oromo as they struggle with each other in the leadership of the country.

Abiy fiddles the country!

The incumbent Abiy deludes the country, because, he despises and belittles the grudge and the conflicts within the Ethiopian communities. If you follow up on what is going on in Diredawa is similar to carnage. Because, Oromo is killing the Somali gullible people. Previously, Oromo were targeting MOOYAALE, TULIGUULEED, BAABILI cities, and currently is engaging killing the Somali ethnic community live in Diredawa. If you watch plenty of videos about the Oromo massacre against Somalis which has been shared via social media, you instantly realize the brutality and the extra-judicial killings that Oromo is doing. Oromo is misusing and utilizing the power in order to hit its greedy over ambition of dominating all the country.

On the other hand, Abiy encounters several assassinations which were aimed at executing him and taking over the office. Because, many times he receives rebukes from the other ethnicities in Ethiopia, especially Tigray ethnic group, who were leading the country for the last 30 years under EPRDF mandate. Because, they lay blame on him, and they say regularly that Abiy is unable and inept to run the country as longest he sides the brutality of his Oromo tribe.

Abiy is politicking regardless whether the citizens are bemoaning, irrespective of their own demands. Furthermore, the politics of Ethiopia have become convoluted and bewildered, and nobody is able to understand the real situation on the ground. Because, Abiy currently is advocating to hold WORLD ECENOMIC FORUM (WEF) in Addis-Ababa-Ethiopia, which is ridiculous by the way. Because, the security in the country is floating, even the capital city of Addis-Ababa is happening sometimes demonstrations with violence and the situation are getting harder and harder. So, can’t be possible to hold in Addis-Ababa such pivot summit which gathers tremendous distinguished guests and audiences? Dude! Abiy’s advocacy and the reality on the ground are totally contradicting, and I put forward, to settle the situation before coming up with such curiosity and eagerness towards hosting such jugular vein summit. Because, the world is very much vexed with the country and its political arena. And, Abiy is endearing Addis-Ababa to host that summit without considering the requirements before hosting that forum.

OLF and Ethiopia political jockeying

Oromo liberation front (OLF), is the oldest opposition organization in Ethiopia which was established in 1973, they advocate promoting self-determination for the Oromo people. At the beginning of their struggle was against perceived Abyssinian colonial rule led by Amhara ethnic group. The proponents of the movement hold that Amhara hegemony has been oppressing and suppressing the Oromo people and their culture. In July 5 last year, the Ethiopian parliament which is currently overarching the ruling party EPRDF removed OLF, ONLF and Ginbot 7 from the terror list. Since then, the oppositions have been talks with the Ethiopian government led by Dr. BIY Ahmed and enormous agreements have been reached. In August 7, the Ethiopian, OLF and Oromia region reached reconciliation agreement, and were signed by the president of the Oromia region, Mr. Lemma Megersa and the leader of the OLF, Mr. Daud Ibsa, and also Dr. Workneh Gebeyehu, the Ethiopian foreign minister was present. The reconciliation agreement incorporates termination of feud and the OLF to conduct its political activities in Ethiopia through peaceful means. The two sides also agreed to establish joint committee that will oversee the implementation of the agreement.


The reason Abiy had the agreements with these rebel organizations OLF, ONLF and Ginbot 7 was just to disarm and encamp them. This unripe ambition led to deadly confrontations among OLF and the Oromia region’s troops. Because, OLF troops disdained to be disarmed, and they evoked. This is against our agreement. So, we are not going to be disarmed. Several clashes took place in the Oromia region between OLF fighters and the Oromia region’s forces backed by the Ethiopian federal troops which wreaked tremendous killings and displacement.

Eventually, OLF and Ethiopia’s regional state of Oromia agreed to ceasefire three days ago, after months of sparring amidst rising insecurity in the region. But, the question is, should Ethiopia abide by this new agreement as longest the previous pact becomes in vain?

Somali region’s political turmoil

This region becomes the permanent victim in Ethiopia. Because, each and every ethnic who dominates the country, the region encounters castigation from the ruling group, and the Somali community live in that region is being deprived of her rights. Previously, the region was complaining about the Tigray and Amhara rule, and currently Oromo is doing even worse than the former rulers. Oromo regularly assaults and kills the Somali innocent people. Look back at what happened in MOOYAALE, TULI-GUULEED, BABILI and currently in DIREDAWA. Abiy’s administration ignores Oromo’s brutality against the Somali people. Moreover, Amhara ethnic group is fighting against Somalis in Jigjiga, the capital city of the Somali region for the last two days. Because, they want to create unrest in the region. And this intrusive action enabled two factors, one, is the federal government is backing Oromo and Amhara communities, and the second factor is, the current administration in the Somali region is languish and docile, so that is why those communities are inciting Somali community in their own city!. Dude! The other ridiculous and funny part is Cagjar’s government flag bearer is, to demonize when something misdeed happens, that (HEEGO) is, the one behind it. Dude! HEEGO is a youth movement who support the former system in the region.

Ethiopia augments the culture of IMPUNITY for sack of Lemma Megersa!

The president of the Oromia region in Ethiopia, notorious Lemma Megersa, is the mastermind behind the political chaos in the country. Lemma is responsible the killing of thousands of Somali innocent people in the country. Also, Lemma Megersa, is the one who disrupting the agreement between OLF, ONLF and Ginbot 7 and the Ethiopian government. Additionally, Lemma Megersa is the one who instigates the other ethnic communities in Ethiopia. Lemma Megersa is the one who dictates what to do and misleads Abiy. Until Lemma Megersa is free, the country faces massacre, torture, violence, political turmoil, power abuse and other extra-judicial killings. Lemma Megersa should be removed from the power and jailed if Abiy wants to lead the country smoothly!

Cagjar vs. Shide: Political intrigue!

The acting president of the Somali region his Excellency Mustafa Cagjar and the federal minister of finance and the chairman of the ruling party of the Somali region his Excellency Ahmed Shide are at loggerheads. The minister advocates including the political positions some of the previous administration’s officers, while Cagjar, the acting president is reluctant and negating to join them his administration. Shide, says this current administrations are incapable to run the region, so, there is an immense need to have well-experienced administration. Ostensibly, Cagjar has a sensitivity of the previous administration led by former president of the Somali region his Excellency Abdi Mohamud Omar; know as (CMC), who is currently under Ethiopian custody.

This political infighting causes to be Cagjar lame-duck. Because, Shide is getting support from the federal government. On top of that, Cagjar’s government has done nothing touchable during his term in office. Because, the local people are suffocating, there are no development projects which are ongoing. The region’s budget is stuck on devoid of being expanded. And the new Cagjar’s cabinet tended to lack governmental experiences, and the people are complaining regularly about lack of government’s service.




The acting president of the Somali region Mustafa Cagjar is in Nairobi nowadays, having a meeting with, visiting them and having pictures with leaders who are serving on their people, while cagjar’s region is burning! Dude! The last two days, Jigjiga has been burning. And we have seen several photos which are uploaded and dispersed in the social media, which is about Cagjar with Khaire, the prime minister of Somalia, and also Cagjar with Nooradin Haji, Director of Public Prosecution in Kenya. These two leaders, Khaire and Nooradin are serving on their people, so what Cagjar propels to do so? If he is shying, he must first and foremost give a consideration to his people and his region.

Way forward

  • The Somali region has been bemoaning years and years, so there is no need of bickering and conflict in the region anymore
  • Political infighting amidst government’s officials is presage of their failure
  • Cagjar’s government should obey “Go big or go home “ principle
  • The region is in need of politicians who serve for the posterity’s sake, not those look for only their political mileage

Anwar Abdifatah Bashir (Freelance Journalist/Horn of Africa Political Analyst and Independent Researcher)

Email: anwarcade100@gmail.com

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