Let President Hassan complete his term with the mandates he was sworn to fulfill.

During President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud’s tenure, along with his Vice, Prime Minister Hamze Abdi Bare, they successfully oversaw the completion of the constitution, aligning it more closely with the general will of the Somali people. The interim constitution, initially drafted under foreign influences, lacked authentic representation and was a product of historical complexities. Despite its flawed inception, it was tentatively accepted by most politicians with the hope of swift amendments. However, a decade passed without significant progress, leading to internal strife within the government.

On March 30, 2024, thanks to the persistent efforts of President Hassan and Prime Minister Hamze, the Somali parliament unanimously amended the constitution. This marks a historic moment, as it reflects the genuine will of the Somali people for the first time in over a century. While remnants of past colonial influences persist within the political hierarchy, the amended constitution heralds a new era of democratic governance.

The amended constitution allows for direct elections at various levels of governance and transitions the country from a corrupt parliamentary system to a presidential one. Despite these positive changes, there remain political opponents resistant to progress, clinging to outdated privileges and stirring unfounded fears of civil unrest and secessionist ambitions.

These political opponents must recognize that the Constitution aims to equalize all states under the national government and eliminate unlawful privileges. Instead of provoking conflict, they should channel their grievances constructively and engage in the democratic process. Refraining from actions that could undermine national stability is essential for the well-being of all citizens.

In conclusion, the amended constitution paves the way for a brighter future for Somalia, offering greater political independence, economic sovereignty, and social progress. It is incumbent upon all stakeholders to embrace these changes and work together towards a more prosperous and unified nation.

Dr. Said Mohamud
Chair of the Somali People’s Party


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