EPRDF Dislodges Abiy after he becomes Inimical!

The ruling party in Ethiopia EPRDF is going to bow out the slash leader in Ethiopia Atto Abiy, after he fails to run the country. A five months ago from now, when Abiy takes the power, he instantly embarks to revenge all the Ethiopian Ethnic Groups including the Tigray, Somali Region ,Dabub Kilal, Afar Kilal and finally Amhara Ethnic Group. Oromo augments to kill and attack all the Ethiopian Citizens for sack of retaliation. At the beginning, they illegally intruded and invaded the Somali Region and ousted the former president Atto CMC for bum rap

Additionally, “Article 39 of the Ethiopian Constitution stands to grant all peoples of Ethiopia the right to self- determination without any ambiguity. And by that, it has become one of the contentious Articles that pervade the body politics of Ethiopia more so than any other perceivable issue of interest. So, Abiy ignores those political rights which already the Constitution gives the indigenous people

Abiy’s Pretexts of Jailing CMC!

Abiy claims that the former president in Somali Region his Excellency CMC was resigned. So, if we immerse and follow up this skeptic issue, the ruling party in Somali Region, especially , the Executive Board declares and announces that , Mr. CMC resigns, but we didn’t see his letter of resignation or his voice of admitting that his resigns!. So, legally up to date we can’t say he resigns! And this fetching and stunning phenomenon erupts, when Abiy organizes an Oromo Party Convention a few days ago, during that Convention some of the participants asked him, why did you attack the Somali Region and why did you jail the CMC illicitly? , Abiy didn’t answer these sensitive questions, alternatively he abstains and closes the meeting, and this shocks the people!

Dembeke Mokonnen rebukes Abiy!

Demeke Mekonnen Hassen is the current Deputy Prime Minister of Ethiopia. He is also Chairman of the ADP and Deputy Chair of EPRDF; he harshly criticizes the misdeed and ruthless policy of Abiy against the Ethiopian Citizens. Because, Abiy feeds Oromo and Kills others!

Atto dembeke, asks Abiy the reasons he ordered to Invade and intrude the Somali Region without permission of the Ruling party in Ethiopia? (EPRDF) and also, why he is meddling the internal affairs of the Somali Region? Abiy nodes and shakes his head and didn’t present any acceptable justifications!




EPRDF organizes an urgent Conference!

The coming days, there is going to be a landmark and sensitive conference among EPRDF members including Oromo Party, Tigray Party, Amhara Party and Southern Nationalities Party in order to determine the future of Ethiopia. And, in the mean time, Abiy will be sacked! Because Abiy creates a new feud and enmity among the Ethiopian citizens

Abiy Wish-Washes the imprisonment of CMC and Exaggerates the two Churches were burned in Jigjiga during Ethiopian Troops Intervention! 

President CMC encounters three times in front of the Ethiopian Federal Court, and didn’t find any punishable crime, and the shocking is, they claim all the time that, they are going to bring and deport from a witnesses from the Somali Region. Yet, they have no witness! What a Baloney! And this is against human rights and serves injustice!

Abiy requests to meet with CMC and EPRDF takes CMC to other place!

After Abiy meets an unprecedented question from the Oromo Convention and asked him several questions including do you have the letter of resignation of CMC? , he immediately demands to meet with CMC in the jail. So, EPRDF takes president CMC in to another place, because they are avoiding and running away to torture the CMC and pressure him to sign the letter of resignation forcefully.

Expectations from the Conference

  • To bow out Abiy as longest he fails to settle and lead the country
  • To determine the future of Ethiopia and set out a sophisticated policy to run the country
  • To mediate the Oromo and Somali Ethnic Groups and thrash out and deplete the conflict among the Ethnic Groups prevalently in Ethiopia so as to create a stable and peace environment
  • To regain his freedom Atto CMC and bequeath a compensation for the Somali Region and specifically the president CMC

Anwar Abdifatah Bashir (Freelance Journalist/Political Analyst and Independent Researcher)

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