Security forces retake Somali villages from al-Shabaab

Security forces backed by African Union’s peacekeeping mission AMISOM on Monday captured villages from al-Shabaab armed group during an operation in Lower Shabeelle region, according to a regional deputy governor.

The villages of Awdhigle and Mubarak in Lower Shabeelle region were cleared of al Shabaab during the operation, Lower Shabeelle Deputy Governor Abdifitah Hajji Abdulle said.

The troops also cleared Darasalam and Malable neighborhoods in Lower Shabeelle province.

“With the help of AMISOM, we have captured four main areas; the operation is still ongoing; we have destroyed security checkpoints, al-Shabaab’s wing Radio now is off air and they are running away from the area,” Abdulle added.

The deputy governor also said only al-Shabaab targets were being destroyed and “utmost care” was being taken to avoid harm to civilians.

Source:- worldbulletin

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