Abiy hoodwinks the world:  Internally is bleeding and externally is shining!!!

What has been going on in MOOYAALE and TULI-GUULEED cities for the last months is totally different the expectations of the youngest leader in Africa his Excellency Dr. Abiy Ahmed. Oromo ethnic group maintains to kill Somali community in Ethiopia since Abiy was elected the office nine months ago. Abiy negates and ignores the permanent massacre of Oromo over Somalis, while he misuses the word of reformist! Somali region in Ethiopia was complaining along-standing disparity and injustice from the Ethiopian government. Some plunders were anticipating that Abiy should treat positively and deplete the feud between the Somali community and Oromo ethnic group. Regrettably, Abiy’s actions trigger and fuel the hostility amongst the communities in Ethiopia. Because, Oromo paramilitary militants are killing the innocent people, and Ethiopian government abnegates such horrific misdeed while their eyes are open! Dude.

Abiy concentrates external relations while despises the internal cursing!

The prime minister focuses on leveraging and stimulating a reform which takes place in the region which is good principally, but the reform must be bottom-up. Abiy fully engaged dislodging former Tigray officials and keeps silent the daily brutality Oromo intrusive actions against the Somali community in Ethiopia. The Somali community was already bemoaning the legacy of the previous Tigray administration! With this complain, the incumbent augments the damage over the Somali innocent people in Ethiopia. In the mean time, the prime minister was made tale of pledges when he takes the office, encompasses that he will promote the human rights, private sector , freedom of speech and etc. Those promises became blowback; there is no human rights discourse so far. Because, the government is oppressing anyone who tries to condemn the government’s knee-jerk actions. The private sector is still diluting, and everything is under government’s hand.

The previous Ethiopian administration led by Tigray was exploiting the former Somali region’s administration as a proxy. Because, Tigray is one of the minority ethnic groups in Ethiopia, so it was not easy to reign over a country which is closely 100 million. A part from that, the two majority communities in Ethiopia Oromo and Amhara were rebuking the Tigray administration. So, the tigray were exploiting the Somali region’s troops which is called (LIYUU POLICE) which means, the special police, to fight against the Oromo community which led eternal ethnic war among the two neighboring communities.

Abiy is meddling the internal affairs of Somalia!

Since Abiy embarks the pretext of reform in horn of Africa region, he is deeply immersing the Somalia internal business. Ethiopian troops intrusively captured and arrested the former Alshabaab commander Abu-Mansoor for sack of the Somalia federal government was against his contest towards the southwest administration’s election. This wanton step which the Ethiopian military outfit is against the mandate AMISOM contingent in Somalia. Because, such brutal action can pave the way internal hostility within the tribes. Already clashes happened in Baidoa, the interim capital city of southwest administration which was killed local Member of Parliament (MP) and several civilians. Additionally, there is blatant mass outrage and public backlash which is against the federal government’s actions. Because, the FG is doing all these for sack of winning their funded candidate who ultimately becomes the regional president of southwest administration.

Abiy’s pledges become hollow rhetoric and vulgar remark!

Since the Ethiopian parliament lifted the terrorist list ONLF, OLF and GIMBOT7 organizations, he was promised that he is going to join them the political landscape of the country. Furthermore, the chairman of OLF, daud ibsa says” the promises of Abiy become fake. Because, our fighters who joined already the disarmament, demobilization and rehabilitation camps have not been given the proper care, and we are prevented from seeing our fighters” he added.

On the other hand, the other two organizations, namely ONLF and GIMBOT 7 are encountering a hostility reception. Moreover, ONLF, the oldest rebel organization against Ethiopian government faces congestions towards their own business in the country, especially the Somali region. So, Abiy is just wants to mislead the world and say, we have signed an agreement. But, the reality on the ground is, these agreements are just formality, nothing is implementing so far.


Somali region: Devastated Flashpoint!

The Somali region becomes permanent victim to any change which takes place the country from Haila Selassie to Abiy era. Each system tends and behaves to marginalize the Somali community in Ethiopia. On top of that, there a long-standing fancy which Ethiopians believe, which is (THE SOMALI REGION IS ETHIOPIAN’S LAND, BUT THE PEOPLE LIVE IN, IS NOT ETHIOPIANS!). This provocative believe led to discriminate and belittle the rights of the Somali region. Additionally, the other ail story is, each ruler in Ethiopia was forcing Somalis administration to obey the exploitation from the Ethiopian government. The former regime in Ethiopia led by Atto Melas Zenawi was using Somalis to oppress the Oromo ethnic community which until now the Oromo community is retaliating the Somali community. The incumbent is imposing and leveraging the Somali region’s administration not to react the relentless and brutality of Oromo community who are implementing extra-judicial killings against the civilian people.

The other side of the coin, LAMMA MAGERSA, the president of Oromo region in Ethiopia, is the mastermind behind the massacre which is executing the Oromo community against their neighborhood Somalis. Abiy is shutting down his eyes the Oromo’s aggressiveness while he is not oblivious what is going! Dude.

Cagjar should take care: Good for nothing group (DULMI-DIID)!

There are individuals who tended and accustomed to embezzlement and cannibalism. At the beginning, they were using the name (DULMI-DIID) which means, Anti-misdeed. They use this mantra for pretext sake. After the former president of the Somali region Abdi Mohamud Omar (Abdi iley) was toppled and arrested, this group embarked instantly to target the former president’s sub-clan for sack of they belong the same tribe with the former president.

Mean while, this visionless group is advocating taking over the districts owns by the former president’s tribe which is totally illicit and an acceptable. MARSIN, LAASDHANKEYRE districts belongs specific and well-known tribe. That group are meddling the internal affairs of these districts. They tried to dictate the current administration in MARSIN district what to do, so the issue is flagrant.  In the mean time, there are government officials who are targeting and arresting every day the traditional elders of that respected tribe. They want to make them flee the local people. But fortunately, the city administration which is leading by a young educated man refused to accept their devil and intrusive ideas which are sharply against the local people’s needs.


  • As longest LAMA MAGERSA is free, Abdi Mohamud Omar should be free
  • There is drastic demand for flat justice across the country
  • Abiy should stop the marginalization of the Somali region
  • Cagjar shouldn’t obey anything from the Ethiopian government which is against the interest of the Somali region, otherwise it will lead to havoc


Anwar Abdifatah Bashir (Freelance Journalist/Political Analyst and Independent Researcher)

Email: anwarcade100@gmail.com

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