The standoff among the somalia leaders is deepening, but Sharif’s election decides the champion!

The disagreement among the federal and states leaders is exacerbating continuously after
The leaders of Somalia’s federal member states declared famously in September this year, that they had suspended all ties with the central government in what was likely another setback . Each one of them is persisting its political position, while the people are languishing because of this intrusive step. This dynamic and resilient strive among the political leaders of Somalia debilitates the hope of the citizens towards free and fair election which takes place in Somalia 2020. Mean while, this conflict delays to accelerate the way forward towards the upcoming election in Somalia.

On the other hand, the Somali people had been suffering for the last three decades, so they are fed up and gave up any new conflict which dilutes the political evolvement in the country.

The upcoming election in southwest administration

During this month, especially 17 November, southwest election is going to happen as the electoral committee declared. There is blatant and ample political campaign which is taking place in Baidoa, the temporary capital city of Southwest administration. In this regard, some of political commentators are indicating that, the federal government is backing and financing some of the candidates who are against the current president in southwest his Excellency Sharif Hassan. But, the federal government is insisting its neutrality towards that election.

Nevertheless, some people believe that, if Sharif wins the election, then the federal government loses its leverage towards the outstanding rupture among them. Also, if the Sharif loses the election, then the federal government augments and deepens its tent about the conflict. Because, they gain an energy and moral to dislodge and fire the other leaders. Although, it is not sure 100% this prediction, but it’s just an anticipation.


Monolithic, ruthless and rubber stamp policy dominates the political landscape in Somalia!

If we look back the clock, the Somali political leaders behave and tend to demonize and punish anyone who showcases different sentiments. This political immature leads and propels to sense of dictatorship, and at the same time dilutes the freedom and critical thinking. Diversity serves and contributes civilization and development. In our political context, we don’t accept the dissidents and anyone who differ our way. There is a drastic need to apply a variation while we are in the same boat. Variation doesn’t reflect step backward, but it increases way forward.


Building rigid institutions vs strong leader: Which one is lasts and prevails?

If we observe and immerse profoundly our political history, there is a lot of conflation and misconception towards these two collateral issues which dominates our system of government. Explicitly, if we analyze our political context, mostly our leaders focus and invest becoming strong leader rather than establishing rigid institutions. Investing strong institutions means getting well-prepared institutions which are fit and match any leader who takes the power. Because, anyone who takes the power should abide and apply the policies which are already settled. But, strong leader without rigid institutions means, short-term gain and long-term pain.


Greedy and grievances of Somalia politicians

If you trace back the history, every conflict among the politicians erupts selfishness and political immaturity which paves the way all the time to an intractable situation. This chronic and epidemic problem predominates the Somalia political landscape. Furthermore, greediness also dominates the other aspects of our life including social, economical and others. Moreover, our strong government in military era, collapsed for sack of political short-sighted ambition. Because, some politicians were thinking that they will gain more political role if they oust the government. Contesting the political environment is not bad, but lack of vision and farsightedness is tragedy and ail. Nevertheless, that why we have taken this intrusive system of federalism in our political structure in 2004 so as to pervade the political opportunities of the Somalia politicians. Regrettably, the situation becomes blowback. Because, they are challenging each others in an unprofessional manner and lack of patriotism. The current rift among the federal and states leaders becomes resilient and is worsening throughout the time, and this freaks out and demoralizes the citizens who are suffering and encountering an ample challenges including insecurity, conflicts, droughts , famine and widespread unemployment and so on and so forth.


Federal government’s leaders persist to replace the current state’s leaders

There is a dilemma, we tended and behaved in our political landscape, when a new administration takes the power, they automatically embark to lobby to change the previous administration in the ground. So, it’s quite tricky and hectic. Because, it requires losing money and time, and also it postpones the service which the government supposes to deliver the people.

The other side of the coin, when any administration comes in to power, they immediately commence to engage how they will be re-elected, and they negate and ignore their primary responsibility over the citizen dude! Additionally, the federal government is preferring to call the states leaders to (Governor) rather than (President), so, if we look back the provisional constitution says article 52, “the federal government and federal member state governments shall ensure that meetings between the (Presidents) of the federal member states and high ranking officials be held regularly to discuss issues that affect their territories”. In this regard, the provisional constitution calls the leaders of the states presidents rather than governors.

The federal government is meddling the internal election in southwest administration!

As much news confirms that minister of energy his Excellency (Abdiaziz Lafta garen) resigns his position in order to run for the southwest’s election. In the mean time, a lot of people believe that, the federal government is backing this candidate.  After most of the electoral committee in southwest election resigned including the chairman and his deputy for sack of what they expressed that, they confronted a blatant and outstanding pressure and intervention from the federal government. After the resignation of the electoral committee in yesterday, a joint communiqué released by the council of inter-state cooperation 05/11 expressed their rebuke against the federal government’s meddling the internal election of southwest administration.

On the other hand, they accused that the federal government is advocating to deplete the federal system, and alternatively to adopt the central government system. Additionally, they warned that, if the federal government continues to intervene the process of the southwest’s election which is against the free and fair principle, that they will not recognize the result of the election. Finally, they requested the UN, IGAD and International communities to engage and intervene this conflict which can cause a new civil war in the country.

Previously, the MPs from southwest administration in both the house of the people and the upper house condemned the federal government’s meddling the upcoming election in southwest administration. Also, they added that the federal government is backing and funding using the public fund to specific candidates for sack of trying to influence the election slated for Nov. 17, with the aim to defeat the incumbent president who is at loggerheads with Villa Somalia.



  • The federal government has central government mentality
  • The federal system is new to the Somalia political landscape
  • There is no goodwill towards implementation of the federalism in Somalia
  • Article 53, 54 and 111F of the provisional constitution are abnegated and ignored
  • There is no further concessions among the federal and states leaders towards solving the conflict among them
  • The role of the Upper-House is disregarded. Because , they represent the federal member states as stipulated in the provisional constitution article 71

Way forward

  • Accelerating Constitutional Review process are needed drastically
  • Specifying the type of federal system that we took are required immensely
  • Avoiding inflammatory speeches are needed hugely , especially in the conflict time
  • Reaching out compromise are required enormously
  • Separating the powers of the federal government and the states in the constitution are needed tremendously


Anwar Abdifatah Bashir (Freelance Journalist/Political Analyst and Independent Researcher)


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