Mogadishu Mayor Orders Demolition of Piazza Libera Buildings in El-gab

Mayor of Mogadishu, who is also Banadir Region Governor honourable Abdirahman Omar Osman (Eng. Yarisow), has today given orders on demolishing Piazza Libera Building in El-gab since it is of public asset that needs to be restored to what it used to be.

The Mayor had already terminated construction activities at the area and ordered an investigation to the matter. While implementing executive orders, from both the President and the Prime minister, the mayor has today ordered demolition of the structures.

Mr. Yarisow, the Governor, has said “When I resumed the office, we terminated the construction, therefore, after along investigation we came to realize that the land was illegally given out while it was and still remains a public asset. Meanwhile, after a thorough consultation with the President and the Prime minister, we came to a conclusion that government land should not be given out illegally without applying the existing laws”Mr. Yarisow has also warned all those residing in public lands including government structures and gardens and ordered them to vacate these areas promptly and warned that if these orders are not complied with, then same measures of demolishingthese illegal constructions will be taken soon.

Eng. Yarisow has, finally, reiterated that he is eager to revive the city and restore its beauty to what it used to be previously while emphasizing the need to renovate all gardens and beauty sites in the city to allow the public to benefit from them equally.

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