Floods in Afgoye District, Reasons and policy of solutions

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Afgoye is agricultural district where the Shebelle river across inside the district, it located to distance around 30 meter at west of Mogadishu city.

The effect of the floods in Afgoye:

Floods are the main Environmental issues faced to Afgoye district during these last five years. Even know days the district suffering a huge floods which disrupted the transportation in the district, and there is a displacement of thousands of people. These floods also affect the agricultural land where the crop production of the district becomes very low.

Reasons behind these floods:

– Sedimentation which decreased the depth of the river.

– Housing the banks of the river.

– The careless of the residence people near river

– And absence of good administration.

Solution policies:

– Dams and water storing must be done when the river water are abundant, which can useable during the water shortage and drought.

– Discharging the river to the agricultural land as irrigation by Channels into long distances, this will decreases the potentials of floods.

– People to be evicted from the banks of the river and the river must have enough area to relieve the load.

– Removing the sediments from the river is essential factor to reduce the power of the flood.

Written by:

Mohamed Kassim Awow

Environmental Management and sustainability

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