Somalia is in the worst status at the bottom of a completely failed state

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Somalia is in the worst status at the bottom of a completely failed state. As more as it tries to get out and stand up to its feet, it fails deeply back to a much worse situation than it was qualified as a standard failed state.

The people of Somalia have suffered enough from disease, hunger, poverty, Insecurity, absence of effective authority, and a total siege due to the pandemic Coronavirus spread.

Somalia is not the same as it was four years ago, nor even as it was the last year. In the past four years, the people of Somalia are fighting against a return of autocracy and striving for democracy.

At the beginning of this year, Covid-19 devastated every possible aspect of human rights in Somalia. No money, food, and good medicine that are coming to the country. People are not capable of purchasing essential goods for a living.

Due to the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic, Somalis in the diaspora stopped sending money remittances back home to their family members. Local producers are affected by the Covid-19, insecurity, and lack of functioning government.

The United Nation and the International Humanitarian Organizations got great amounts of aid money that comes from the wealthy countries of the world for the past thirty years to help Somalia recover from its failed status.

Most of the aid money for Somalia ends up in luxurious overhead expenses of those international organizations. Scarcely a very few amounts of it come to Somalia and again that ends up in the pockets of corrupt senior government officials. It is now the time to save Somalia from the UN and international organizations’ scandalous mismanagements.

The United States of America is the wealthiest nation on earth and should stand with the struggling people of Somalia. The moral obligation of the current U.S. administration is tested on how its government makes humanitarian efforts that help Somali people uplift from the death bed.

In 1992, President George H.W. Bush saved Somalia from the worst famine in the Horn of Africa that killed about a million adults and about a quarter-million of children.

There is no hope of honest aid and the world is in a very difficult mood. I call for the U.S. president’s Attention to show Somalia his visionary, sincere world leadership and make the United States of America to partner with Somalis to restore hope.

Somalia needs an honest partnership that encourages effective aid that is viewed as an investment. Somalia needs about 18 billion dollars to put back on its feet. That money goes to re-establish effective government institutions, re-establish income-generating small businesses, general welfare to fight against hunger and human poverty, and re-establish banks and investing groups.

Most part of this money goes directly to the people and their sustainable businesses. That will remove away the deep pockets of the international organizations and their complicit senior government officials.

God gave the United States of America to hold an extraordinary power to lead the recovery of struggling people in the poverty-stricken nations. Somali people are in the dusk of life and the Somali nation is in the dawn of a nascent democracy. Please help Somalia to get out of the death path that led it to the worst status of a failed state.

Dr. Said Mohamud
Maine, USA


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