UN: Somali refugees unwilling to leave Dadaab to return home

UN: Somali refugees unwilling to leave Dadaab to return home

The United Nations says fewer and fewer refugees show interest in leaving the Dadaab refugee camps in Northern Kenya and returning home to Somalia.

Some of the refugees say they are concerned about violence, drought and a lack of services in their homeland.

As of July, a total of 84,230 Somalis from both Dadaab and Kakuma camps have taken part in the UN’s voluntary return programme since its inception five years ago.

So far this year, fewer than 1400 have gone back to Somalia.

In June, CGTN visited Dadaab  to get a look at life inside the complex and to find out what residents plan to do once Kenya makes true its threat to close the camp.

Ibrahim Ahmed, a businessman in Hagadera said: “If the camps are closed and there are no solutions in Somalia that will result in a lot of problems.

We could have suggested that we be relocated or give us money for resettlement it could be better. The reason we are here is to save our lives and you can see what is happening in Somalia…there’s no safe area.”

The total population of the nearly 30-year-old Dadaab refugee complex, have grown up and raised families in this area and for them leaving a place they call home is not tenable.